Mexican Graveyard Flashflavor
by: Matt
posted on Sunday, December 05, 2010 in Matt Adcock

I shot this image during a stretch of 37 minutes or so, while we navigated this very massive property, Xcaret Mexico.  Its an Eco theme park and this structure is actually a traditional graveyard, a mexican special site to see for sure. This place is massive, so really 2/3rds of that time for the session is done walking, so everything here was go and go and go, no time for practice.  Just play hard and be confident.   Check out the slideshow of my fav's to see how technial this wedding was.  Seriously, this one kicked OUR asses.  I shot with a team of 4 photographers, each contributing a PRICELESS set of images to me.   Thank you to Rodrigo Sanders.  Juan Jose, and Sr Vincent Guihard, one of my best friends and an amazing photo artist.  Each of these guys helped me make this a super dynamic folio.   Slideshow HERE.

Graveyard at Xcaret:  Here is a night view on the tripod... uh mazing.



Here is a cross section view.


Here are a few details...






Nothing above with any flashflavor value.
But this one has a little special sauce on the side, or in the background :)



Here is one of my flashflavor moments, among others I liked that day.  5d Mark2, 50L  2.5 at 1/60th.  I dont even know what this flash was set to,  I'm thinking 1/8th ballpark. Was not very high because my ISO was 1600, looking at the little ambient in the hallway, I didn't want that to disappear.



flash on the floor
by: Matt
posted on Thursday, December 02, 2010 in Matt Adcock

I usually don't recommend this and rarely EVER try something like this.   For some reason, the placement worked well for me.  

1/4 power flash SB-28 on the floor, bare bulb, hot uplight.   There is a zing in her eyes that does it for me...

This one was for sure a littel happy accident.


5d, 24mm shot at 4.5 at 1/200th
Have a few more on the del Sol Blog from this wedding.  My slideshows are always packed full of flashflavor, so enjoy or grimmace, whichever works for you!



car freeze
by: Matt
posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 in Sol Tamargo  Matt Adcock

I got very lucky here.   I had an assistant who was holding my nikon SB 28 at about 1/2 power for formals, I had just shot a few images of the car and walked away from needing my flash for about 20 minutes or so.   As they were leaving in their car, I decided I would pan with the car to make a movement shot and at the very last second, I gestured to my assistant to run (I'm sorta running to) and pointed for her to stand there...

I snapped one frame that pretty much rocked it out for me.  Without flash, the driver + bride and groom would never be seen....



Iso 400,  5.6 at 1/40th with a 5d Mark II using my 35L.

more from this wedding over on the del sol blog, including LOTS of flalshflavor.  http://delsolphotography.com/blog/post-840/101610-Morgan-Bubba-Wedding-in-Columbus-Georgia-Photos-by-Matt-and-Sol

old tricks
by: Matt
posted on Tuesday, November 09, 2010 in Matt Adcock

I've used this before... a little special sauce with some flash on 1/4 power blasting on a slow shutter.... movement, sexy light, nice little piece of action here.

5d II 1/10th of a second, ISO 1000 at 2.5 with my trusty 35L series prime.  The flash was just positioned on the floor about 20 feet away from this location.


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